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Expressive DOG

.Support positive expression through creativity in our kids

this Day of Giving with a donation to Art Expression.

The mission of Art Expression, Inc is to facilitate positive socialization with children and adolescents through expressive art activities in an inclusive educational environment.

Seriously, just reading their emails or visiting the Art Expression website makes me want to go paint something. And be a better person. They are great folks with an awesome mission. I totally get them. I use music in the ways that they use art. Trust me when I tell you, it works. I wish we had more of what Art Expression does in more places.




Here’s the nitty gritty details for #13DOG —

All gifts are 100% tax deductible. Donations are accepted from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 3.                                                                           Find Art Expression pittsburghgives.org.

Day of Giving Instructions:
1. On Thurs., Oct. 3, 2013 log onto www.pittsburghgives.org.
2. Click on “Donate Now.”
3. Select “Art Expression, Inc.”
4. Make your donation using Visa or MasterCard.
5. Submit!

Money raised by Art Expression on Oct. 3 supports social skills programming for local children.
If you have any questions about the Day or Giving, please contact Angela Lowden at, amlowden@artexpressioninc.org.

To help you get to know them better, here’s a little mix of Art Expression’s latest canvas of events…


Toonseum Workshops

In August, Art Expression teamed up with Joe Wos and the staff at the Toonseum to provide cartooning workshops to area children and their families. The cartooning workshops helped participants to expand their knowledge of cartooning and storyboarding, while also aligning with the goals of Art Expression.


Air National Guard Fly by Night Event
On Saturday, September 21st Art Expression partnered with the Air National Guard to provide workshops to children and families participating in their “Fly by Night” event at the Carnegie Science Center.
Activities included, Family Journals, where each family listed their goals for the upcoming year. The participants then selected goals to write inside of paper airplanes. A runway was then created so that families could send their goals into flight.


Art Expression has been working with students from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to develop a game application for iPad. The game entitled, ARTchitecture: Building Bridges, teaches players the value of rebuilding communities. The game also teaches players the components of bridge building and recycling through exciting mini games within the main story.


Art Expression is a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award Finalist. This status distinguishes Art Expression as one of the top arts- and humanities- based programs in the country.

Art Expression, Inc.  was founded by James and Angela Lowden in 2001 as an expression of their passion for alleviating the social inequalities that exist among children of different abilities. It is a fully inclusive, after-school program that focuses on developing the social skills of children through art in the Pittsburgh area.

The organization has served over 3,000 children in Allegheny, Fayette, Greene and Washington counties. Art Expression, Inc. works with school districts and community organizations to serve as many children as possible.

The goals of Art Expression, Inc. include:

  • Increase self-esteem and creative self-expression as evidenced by participants’ ability to express and verbalize their feelings
  • Enhance social skills as evidenced by age-appropriate skills including ability to observe personal space of others, ability to share materials, ability to listen reflectively and comment positively on projects and ideas of other participants
  • Improve problem-solving skills as evidenced by participants’ ability to identify and communicate a problem, develop a solution, seek assistance if needed, and evaluate the outcome
  • Improve frustration tolerance as evidenced by participant ability to apply problem-solving skills
  • Establish independence as evidenced by participants’ ability to present themselves in an appropriate manner
  • Provide the social skills and tools necessary to participants to support themselves or others when being bullied
  • Provide a program to participants which supports academic core standards

For more information about their programs, such as project Eco-smART, stART Growing, and From the heART, visit the Art Expression website.

Simply Put – Paint the town a brighter future and give to Art Expression on October 3, 2013

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