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Educating the Pups on DOG


A Day of Giving a Voice to our youngest


Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children - Pittsburgh, PA

If Early Childhood Education sparks a light in you, Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) has over three decades of work in early care and education to boast. Help them continue to advocate as the voice of our children and provide professional development opportunities to those who work with our future stars.



October 3, 2013 is the Day of Giving. Did you know that for every dollar donated to PAEYC, the Pittsburgh Foundation will match your donation (up to $1,000 per donor per organization). To share your support, go on  www.pittsburghgives.org. PAEYC asks you to please share your donation via social media and encourage others to give as well. (If you do, let me know on Twitter – @mcb1219!)

Don’t forget! Mark your calendars! Your donations help PAEYC to support high-quality care and education for children from birth through age nine across 10 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania.


The Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) supports high-quality education for children form birth through age 9 across 10 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania. We provide professional development, community resources and advocacy for the needs and rights of children, their families, and the individuals who work with them.

Serving Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, Washington and Westmoreland Counties,      PAEYC works to:

  1. Educate parents, individuals working in the field, and other stakeholders about the best practices in early childhood education, and to help improve the quality of services provided to the children of our region.
  2. Communicate the value of early childhood education, so that, as a community, we can make wise investments in the future of our children.
  3. Elevate the status of professionals working in the field of early childhood education, so we can continue to attract and retain individuals who are highly skilled and committed to children and their optimal development.

A few more things to note.


  • Hosted its 43 annual conference “Children, Nature and Wellness: Open the Door to Learning” at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center. More than 1,700 registered participants engaged in 114 different professional development workshops across eight unique content areas.
  • Was the lead Pittsburgh organization for the Month of the Young Child. The signature April event, which was held with the Carnegie Library System saw more than 100 families participate in early care and education activities with consecutive weekend follow-up workshops for early care and education practitioners.
  • Completed a year-long strategic planning process to ensure PAEYC establishes itself as the premiere early childhood education organization in the southwestern Pennsylvania region.
  • Has set the foundation for the first-of-its kind collaborative professional development conference for the early care and education community and Greater Pittsburgh arts organizations.

Simply Put – Supporting PAEYC on October 3rd for Day of Giving supports the foundation of our local youth.

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