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I know nothing.

I know nothing. In its absolute and microcosmic sense, I am devoid of any knowledge about any subject.


And, I am happy about this.

Woman Sitting in Meditation

It brings quite a blissful state to be aware that I am unaware.

It feels like a rebirth of thoughts, ideas, perceptions, judgments, and actions humbled from,  not ignorance, but intended lack of knowing.

It is a renewed spiritual endeavor to define this moment as one that is the beginning.

It is a new phase of my journey, to redefine a path of insight and enlightenment by being still and enveloped in nothingness.


In recent weeks, I have been quiet and looking inward.  I have become the Hermit and embraced the feeling of letting go as I spend time with myself.

There is no worry in this for me. The things that are pure and true and right will return to my way of being – maybe even in a better state. The old, outdated ideas and burdens that need shed will be removed and make room for new openings. I imagine that to be some kind of balancing, a yin-yang principle, although I do not profess to grasp the fundamental cycles of yin and yang.

I have long been a person who meditates. Recently, I found a new sense/style of meditation, that pulls in deeper and different levels of self and universal awareness. This new process comes from learning “new techniques in preparation for deeper meditation.”

If you are interested in more on this, I read (and re-read) Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course: for Beginning and Advanced Students of Meditation and Yoga by Tom Von Deck.

While trying not to think too much on defining what is happening, in an attempt to describe the effect this has had on my meditation practice, I can observe that I am able to lose the me who was formed by a lifetime of physical, emotional, relationship, and even educational, experiences.

When I began the search for new literature on meditation, I had been pondering on the thought that we so often hold on to what we think is “right,”  we fail to re-examine from where and why our knowledge of any given facts and opinions came.

I don’t know where this all will lead – that’s a great benefit of just trusting in the process, but I hope to share any new insights I may gain in future posts.

Simply Put – To know nothing opens the door to knowing much.

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