Check Your PULSE!


College graduates become the pulse of Pittsburgh while finding their own beat.

Not sure what you want to do after you get that college degree? Join other bright, talented graduates in a year of service with PULSE, the Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience.



PULSE partners with local, Pittsburgh nonprofits to develop men and women into the next generation of servant leaders in our city. Placement nonprofits receive a young, talented, university graduate to build capacity in their organization while participants receive valuable job training and skill development.

For the past 18 years, they’ve worked with over 100 nonprofit organizations (both large and small) in Pittsburgh including the Western PA Conservancy, Andy Warhol Museum, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Venture Outdoors, East End Cooperative Ministry, and the Union Project.

What makes PULSE pretty unique is that the recently-graduated students live together. These participants share meals, household tasks, and life together. As a result, they grow and develop as individuals and as a cohesive group of young people who are working to make change in Pittsburgh.

PULSE is a Pittsburgh nonprofit participating in the annual Pittsburgh Gives Day of Giving. By giving to them on #12DOG (Oct. 3rd), you will be giving to Pittsburgh communities for years to come as this year’s participants become tomorrow’s leaders. By supporting their mission and vision during the 24-hour donation marathon, you will increase your gift with matching funds from The Pittsburgh Foundation.

As a huge added bonus for PULSE on Day of Giving, an Anonymous Donor is adding to the pot – up to $1000 dollars. This has the potential for up a match of $35 per DOG donor. That’s a more than 100% match for any $25+ new donor who tweets after they donate. So in addition to your donation, PULSE will receive a:

  • $25 match for every new donor to PULSE
  • and an additional $10 match for every donor who tweets #12DOG and #PULSE12DOG in post after they give.

By my calculations, that means every one who initially donates $25 on DOG at, actually donates $60 if you take just 30 seconds to tweet about it. That’s on top of the match funds they will get from The Pittsburgh Foundation. Is it too obvious to say that should get your pulse racing? Go DOG!

Chris Cooke, executive director of PULSE Pittsburgh says of potential donors, “Their support helps grow and develop PULSE participants into servant leaders, helps other local nonprofits address and meet the challenges facing their organizations, helps the neighborhoods of East Liberty and Garfield and its residents, and helps to serve the neglected and marginalized in the city of Pittsburgh.”

Two of the nonprofits who partner with PULSE share how valued the PULSE participants are to them.

Myrna Newman, Executive Director, Allegheny Cleanways

  •  “PULSE allowed us to increase our capacity during a time of transition and financial insecurity.  I was able to focus on other things while our programs continued to flourish thanks to the work of our PULSE participant. We are ending the year at a much better place than we began.  This is in no small part the result of having partnered with PULSE.”

Alexa Belajac, Director of Education and Community Engagement, WYEP 91.3 fm

  •  “I honestly don’t think our work in Propel Schools would have been successful without our PULSE participant. She was level-headed, confident, and loving with our students.  I give her a ton of credit for the way she presented our organization to the Pittsburgh community.”


The reward of being mentored by PULSE, as shared from the viewpoint of several participants. (each participating org is linked)

Maggie Graham, East Liberty Development, Inc.

  • “It’s impossible for me to name all the ways I’ve been impacted by PULSE. I’ve discovered passions, personally and professionally. I’ve made life-long friends. I’ve been given the opportunity to serve, take ownership of projects and gain job experience. But most importantly, PULSE has instilled in me a sense of self-confidence and the knowledge that I can and will make a difference in Pittsburgh.”

Anna Pawsey, Union Project & PULSE

  • “I can’t quite imagine how different life would have been without PULSE. The past two years have been the best “after college” decision for me. I’ve grown as an individual and young professional because of the people around this program; supervisors, housemates, alumni and neighbors. If I wouldn’t have done PULSE, my community and network of individuals would be completely different.

Joel Wildermuth, Angels’ Place, Inc.

  • “PULSE gave me the space and opportunity to do some exploring on a personal and occupational level before deciding what I actually wanted to do with my life. If it hadn’t been for this experience I wouldn’t have the clarity or direction for my life that I have now.”

Jenny Blosser,  East End Cooperative Ministry

  • “Without the opportunity to experience PULSE, I would never have built the confidence to believe in what I could offer the world.”

.Simply Put – Keep PULSE beating to cultivate successful leaders for tomorrow – and don’t let them miss out on those additional matching funds!


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