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I’ll Blog for #12DOG


All you have to do is ask! (To meet those that answered my call – scroll to the bottom and get the links to their posts)

One of my favorite days of the year is just around the corner. Pittsburgh Gives Day of Giving is October 3, 2012.

Last year for PGDOG, I offered to donate  blog posts for any nonprofit orgs  that wanted an extra boost of awareness in the week leading up to Day of Giving 2011. Six wonderful organizations took me up on the offer.

This year I’ll be doing the same, but I am going to double my time and efforts and offer to do posts for 12 of you. I will start posting next week, at one or two new posts per day depending on the response, and will share and help promote them all throughout the days leading up to Day of Giving. Both Allegheny and Westmoreland county participating DOG nonprofits are welcome! I thought I should update, after receiving a few requests, that there is no criteria for being chosen. First come, first served – no discrimination against any nonprofit who would like me to help spread the word about their mission and raise awareness for Day of Giving.

Want to be part of the #12DOG posts?


Please contact me by this Friday, September 21st, so that I can start preparing and writing them. You can email “atmcb1219@gmail.com” to let me know you’re interested and to connect so that we may share information. I try to make each post unique to the nonprofit I’m talking about – no “cookie cutter” posts here! Update: I’ve got a good start with those that reached out already and still have some spots available, so I am extending the contact deadlineto Wednesday, September 26th.

To take a look at last year’s posts, please search the tag #PGDOG Blog Donation.

Simply Put – Let’s Go #12DOG Go!

Meet the nonprofits included in the Blog for #12DOG posts:

Light of Life Rescue Mission

Pittsburgh Albert Schweitzer Fellows Program

Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western Pennsylvania

PULSE Pittsburgh

St. Vincent de Paul – Pittsburgh

Zachary’s Mission

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