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If we raise our kids right…

If we raise our children well, we won’t have reasons to criticize their generation.

Parent’s take note. Children take heart:


This picture is for all the kids out there today.


And for the child I once was, who hated hearing how much my generation was screwing things up.

Be there for your children.

Listen to their words and for the things they are not saying, but really need you to hear.

Relax and remember to have fun together.

When you discipline, be fair and calm. Don’t act out of emotion, unless it is in love.

Use their mistakes to teach better behaviors, not to criticize who they are.

Our children are learning more by what we parents do and say in our own lives. Didn’t we? Are we raising kids that we will want parenting our grandchildren?

I believe teaching fairness, honesty, consideration, cooperation, literacy, good judgment, and emotional balance is important and much easier when we exemplify those qualities in our own day-to-day interactions. Learning those skills allows our child/ren to make smart, independent choices in school, in play, and in their relationships.

Anything you would add to the list?

Simply Put – The picture says it all.

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