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Calling all the creative-bob smarty-pants:

Use your smarts for #ALS

Ever had a really good idea for using an event, social media, fundraising idea, tech design, your business, etc. to promote something good, but couldn’t get it off the ground. Or out of your head and into the world?

Well, I have an outlet for you.

ALS Connections is looking for innovative ideas from creative individuals or groups to raise awareness for ALS.

Are you …

  • an entrepreneur
  • a tech geek
  • social media savvy
  • a college student
  • a school-age student who can create awesome projects
  • an ALS patient or family member
  • a blogger
  • an event planner
  • creative, crafty, or artsy
  • generally known to come up with good ideas
  • someone who likes to help others
  • a storyteller, videographer, writer
  • innovative
  • connected to any of these types of individuals

Any one of these qualities or combination of these might land you $3,000. All you have to do is create a sustainable project to raise awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Let’s find out a little on the contest from ALS Connections:

Awareness Tipping Point

When we started building ALS Connections, we started by compiling video.  We found that more than half of the video, we collected were personal stories from ALS patients.  Storytelling is a powerful tool and we believe that it will be key to tackling awareness, but stories alone will not achieve this goal.  We need innovative ideas to tip the awareness scale, making it go viral and engaging key audiences.

Participants are asked to design a project that meets at least one of the following goals:

  • Builds upon current communications channels to deliver ALS information in innovative ways
  • Creates opportunities for engagement from key audiences: drug companies, researchers, health care professionals, politicians, and or the general public
  • Raises awareness of ALS for those not directly connected to the disease via a patient or organization
  • Generates a platform to facilitate viral spread of information through new media and/or other unique means of storytelling

The contest deadline is September 15, 2012. Submissions will be open to public comments during that time. Online voting after the deadline through September 30th will determine the winner. The winner of the contest receives a $3,000 cash prize that is theirs to do with as they choose.

More information on the contest or how to enter can be found here: http://als.myupsite.com/contest-area/competition-summary/.  The current list of entry ideas and the contest form can be accessed in the Contest Area dropdown box.

I really hope you are inspired to participate in an awareness contest. Or if not, that you might be able to help us spread the word  for the ALS Connections contest to “tip the awareness point” for ALS.

Ready to go? Great! I know you’re going to deliver something awesome! Don’t forget to connect on Twitter with @ALSConnections

Need more motivation?Let me step back a bit and tell you why we are doing this…

ALSConnections.org was developed by Christopher Whitlatch when his mother was diagnosed with ALS.  I blogged about that several months ago

We did what many families and patients do when the diagnosis was confirmed – we started searching every detail we could find in hopes of answers, resources, and information.

What we found with all of our research is that the information is spread out all over the web and that there is a severe lack of funding for research on the cause and pharmaceuticals for ALS.  Christopher set out on a mission to create a website, ALS Connections, where information about ALS and related research, news, stories, and videos from all over the world is aggregated and shared.

Christopher’s goal, now in memory and honor of his mother, is to use the site to raise awareness and encourage projects and ideas to find the cure, so that one day no one has to endure ALS.

In an effort to bring more attention to ALS,  this contest was implemented to get big ideas to ‘tip the awaress scale’. ALS Connections plan to do more contests with different goals, in the future. We hope to gain as many entries as possible, so that when Christopher speaks this fall at the Communications Network Conference being hosted by The Gates Foundation in Seattle, he can bring both the contest planning, development, and outcome, along with the winning and all viable ideas to the conference.

So what do we need?

We need your entries to make this a true competition. We also need people to spread the word about this contest. We want as many people as possible to share the contest with their readers, family, friends, and social media followers to let them know we are looking for their innovative ideas and entries in this contest. Ask your community to visit the contest entries page and comment.

Can you help us spread the word? Your potential to reach thousands of creative, intelligent, innovative minds can make a huge impact. You never know who you know who might come up with the winning idea. Maybe it’s you. Good luck!

Get thinking and get rewarded! Let me know when you submit your idea.

Simply Put- Using the blog to find YOU. Yes, you.

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