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yeah, it’s blasphemy.

The Catholic community is up in arms over having to provide birth control to their employees via mandated health regs. Outspoken Catholic opponents call it a major “trampling on religious freedom.”

I have two thoughts on this.

If you’re a Catholic employee of a Catholic organization who provides health insurance, then even if birth control is accessible to you, you won’t have need to use it because you personally uphold the Catholic teachings. So, why the fuss?

If you’re employed by a Catholic organization, and NOT a Catholic (unless religious organizations are above the EOE laws?) but you aren’t given comparable insurance coverage because your employer values a religious belief that may be different than yours, then whose religious freedom is being trampled?

Simply Put- Those who wrote the Constitution/Bill of Rights decided, in regard to religious freedom, “that in order to be fair to all, there can be preference given to none.”

(quote attribution-Steve Mount)

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