Suck It Up


There are lots of things we can do without.


That venti cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. You CAN make a cheaper version at home.

Disposable anything.  WOW, there is an original version of everything? Wash it, rinse it – use the non plastic/paper counterpart.

Bottled water.  A reusable drink container, refilled over and over,  does the same job.

The extra trip this week to the burger joint, pizza place, etc. Cooking at home is always an option.

There are hordes of things we can live without. We can suck it up and make do with doing it the old-fashioned way.


Having to suck it up when you’re a young girl or woman who can’t afford to buy pads or tampons is not something that should ever be on that list of things we should or can do without. (Gasp. She said tampon?)

Men, stick around. You have it easy; never having to budget for a box of pads, while your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, coworkers, etc. have to cough up the dough for their little friend every month.

Sure, there are alternatives to pads. Back in Biblical times, the women went to a separate tent or place until *it* was over. The term “ragging it” (not in the musical or illegal sense) paints a clear picture of how women for centuries dealt with their period.  (Gasp, did she just say THAT?)  Wash, rinse, repeat, reuse. Ewww.  Ladies and gentleman, we are way beyond the days of wash cloths and toilet paper wrapping here.

At least, we’d hope to be.

Can you imagine going to school or work without a pad? And guys, can you imagine going to school or work with someone who couldn’t afford pads? NO one wants to think about it. It’s embarrassing? Try being the one who can’t afford one. The one who has to worry about “accidents” and deal with a less than pretty clean up.

There are many women and young ladies out there that due to limited budgets, find it difficult to purchase pads and tampons. People who shouldn’t have to make do with the original version to use over and over. This is where you can help- no matter your gender.

On the Spot and The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project have teamed together this month for a #SisterSupplies drive. You can help by grabbing a couple (or 12! – one for each month) boxes of pads, tampons or panty liners, throwing them in a reusable tote bag (they love that over there at Tote Bag Project, you know), and dropping them off at one if the designated locations.

My teenage daughter and I purchased about $100($99.94)  in Sister Supplies. Revealing that one time she happened to not have any supplies with her at school, she says she would never want a girl to go through that all the time. Hitting the local Rite-Aide, which is running a buy one-get one 50% off sale on feminine products this week, landed us with 6 large, 50+ count boxes of tampons, 12 packages of pads, and 12 panty liners. I looked for the ones that had the bonus counts too – 50+10 free, 40+ 4 extra, etc. I got that happy-buzz feeling from scoring a good deal – and from grabbing up supplies for those who need it.

Simply Put – Help a sister in need not have to suck it up and give some supplies or organize a drive!

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