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A Not-So-Funny Cartoon Image



From Joe Wos-

Dear fans and friends,
I just wanted to share some good news with all of you.
An anonymous donor has pledged a matching fund of up to $5000 in support for ToonSeum as we recover from the water damage to items in our warehouse!
This is a dollar for dollar match!
To those who have already donated, we thank you so much! We are just delighted by the outpouring of support!
You can donate several ways: SEE BELOW

I received the letter that follows in an email last night. I’m sincerely asking you to help. Toonseum doesn’t just house cool, historic, comic items and iconic superheroes. The level of people that Toonseum has drawn to the city is above par. This is also a venue that lends it’s space for fundraisers, filming, and fan-friendly events. Joe Wos and Toonseum do so much to help the Pittsburgh community. Let’s lend a hand and give back with a donation now.

Dear friends of the ToonSeum,

I am writing to you today in a personal plea. Over the past five years the ToonSeum has had a great many successes with your help and support. We have grown from a tiny space inside of another museum to a unique independent attraction in downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. We have brought in some of the top cartoonists in the nation and exhibited over 40 exhibits!  This New Year brings exciting new exhibits and opportunities including our newly opened Will Eisner’s New York exhibit on loan from Denis Kitchen and our friends at MOCCA.  I know as members and fans you will enjoy our summer exhibitions, which include Care Bears 30 Years of Caring, and Pittsburgh is Gotham!  We also have a great line up of programming and workshops.

As we enter another phase of our growth we have hit a small setback. Last week during the heavy rains, our warehouse began to leak and flood. While no original artwork was stored at this site we did lose a great number of books, comics, exhibition reproductions and equipment. Much of these items were awaiting transfer to our new ToonSeum library on site. This was a temporary offsite holding storage where we kept books and equipment awaiting cataloging and transfer. We also used this space to store event and workshop supplies and equipment.

The damage and clean up will be extensive. During this time the ToonSeum’s day-to-day operations will remain unaffected however the cost of replacing what was lost and the clean up will be difficult.
We are reaching out to you, our fans, for your help.
Your tax-deductible donation will help support the ToonSeum is this tough time. Any amount is deeply appreciated and will help greatly.
There are several ways to give and links are provided below.
You can donate via Razoo at http://toonseum.org/waystogive.html
Paypal to donate@toonseum.org
Or by sending a check to:
The ToonSeum
945 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

On behalf of the ToonSeum, our board, volunteers, staff and myself,
Thank you.
We exist because of fans like you.

Joe Wos


I can’t help it- I keep picturing personified supplies, books, and comics being flooded – calling for help and trying to tread water to safety.

Simply Put- Losing your comics isn’t funny; make a donation to help Toonseum today.

  1. March 8, 2012 at 1:33 PM

    Watch WTAE take us through the damage: http://www.wtae.com/video/30633268/detail.html
    Read the short PG article about the quick response of Toonseum fans: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/12068/1215344-437.stm

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