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Joining the SOPA/ProtectIP blackout

WordPress.com gave us an easy tool to black out our site from 8am to 8pm today, 1/18/12.  In a few hours you will see the blackout page, but I will log out as soon as this post is published and not be back until 12am 1/19/12 when I will bring you my MLK Day story, followed by a story featuring my drop into insanity when I make you a bet/challenge.

Anxious about a day of disconnect, but would much rather it be on my terms for the right reasons- than on the governments for the potentially wrong ones.

Please join the fight to protect our freedoms and prevent governmental interference  to the internet that could have dire consequences to our rights. Find out more and sign the petition. I firmly believe there are laws on the books that can be enforced to litigate the rights of those who need to protect their creative property. This type of bill, with it’s loose wording and interpretations, opens the door for all kinds of censorship and loss of rights and freedoms, all at the discretion of the corporate world/entertainment industry/ and umm, the really wonderful judgment of our government that has worked just oh, so well, so far. Right?



Simply Put-             .

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