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Top Reasons NOT to Help Non-Profit Orgs

Top 11 reasons NOT to support non-profit orgs:


    1. I’d much rather spend time complaining about how awful things are in the world instead of helping others fix it.
    2. I never need/take/want help from anyone, so therefore no one deserves mine either.
    3. Helping people only makes them more needy and I don’t want to be any part of enabling bad behavior.
    4. I can find a job, put food on the table, give my kids the things they need. Those slackers should get off their lazy butts.
    5. There’s not enough time or money to make a difference anyway, so I’d rather not give any of what I have.
    6. I can’t volunteer around dirty, smelly degenerates.
    7. I can’t volunteer. What if my neighbors think I do it to be a show-off or am needy too?
    8. Non-profits should be able to help others without always bugging me for my money and things and time.
    9. I don’t mind closing my eyes to people who are abused, go hungry, shiver in the cold, or suffer injustice as long as my family is taken care of.
    10. I don’t have skills or anything anyone needs. Why would I think I’m important enough to volunteer or promote a cause?
    11. Someone else will do it.

Angry with me yet?  Good.  Because I didn’t make this up. These are things people think and say all the time.

Simply Put- Are these points valid? If yes, why?  If no, why not? What information can you share to prove or overcome these opinions?

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