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Pittsburgh Day of Giving 2011- Time to Recognize

It’s 12:03 AM. I’m waiting for the final numbers for Pittsburgh Gives Day of Giving.  I’ll probably not post this until later, but some things deserve the energy from the moment. This does.  It’s huge.

Pittsburgh once again has shown it’s true team-spirit colors. This is a community that cares about each other. The people that live here care enough to be part of the greater good.  Right before midnight when the giving portal closed, donations were expected to exceed $5 million with The Pittsburgh Foundation’s(TPF) match.  Westmoreland Gives was set to go right under $500,000 with their matched funds.

The story of the GIANT monetary success is a big one. But what I see even more from this, is the many people who must have donated, even when a few snags tried to get in the way, (TPF tweeted that they went to backup servers early in the game due to some technical issues)


It’s 12:12 AM and I just caught the tweet from the Pittsburgh Foundation giving the total for  donations at $5.15 million with the $750,000 matched funds included,  Westmoreland Gives(CFWC) hit a few dollars short of $475,000.

I do a lot of blogging, videos, and interviews for Pittsburgh On Video where I mostly highlight non-profit’s, just because I love people who help other people. I’ve spoken with many of the people involved in organizations that were part of the Day of Giving. I am so amazed at the response of the Pittsburgh Community during the Day of Giving event. I started this blog almost a year ago (and with 2010’s Day of Giving as my first post) on the premise that there are so many good people around us. Sometimes we just don’t recognize it. Today is a day to RECOGNIZE!

Recognize that we are a community entrenched in helping our brother. Recognize that people responded to the call, by supporting orgs in getting the word out in the days leading up to DOG and by giving of ourselves with a massive donation as a  result.  They showed that the steel of this city may not burn hot anymore, but it lies in the backbones and glows in the hearts of everyone who lives in the Pittsburgh area.

Recognize that hundreds of Non-Profit Organizations are actively working to make our communities stronger. Their programs make a difference here.  I am so proud of the social media effort of so many of these orgs this year. There was so much more activity this year with tweets and posts.  Much more sharing and using those platforms to engage us.  It made a big difference, in my opinion.  I urge them to keep up that kind of presence all year and let us know what they are doing and how they make a difference. Keep sharing those stories!

Recognize once again, that when one person has an idea to put together a single donation day, Pittsburgh will cheer it on like it was the biggest game of the year.

It’s 12:26 AM More to come tomorrow when the stats start coming out. Tonight…I sleep. (at some point)

Addendum(10/5; 10 a.m.):

I’m adding this link to a message from Grant Oliphant President and CEO of The Pittsburgh Foundation from yesterday afternoon (on Day of Giving) which Simply Put, was worth reading, especially for the two donor stories.

Let’s just continue with this merry little update style post.  I’m digging it.

At 1:20 PM on  10/5, after waiting to see what the surprise hinted about at 10AM is, TPF drops this tweet:

“Breaking News: The total raised yesterday in Pittsburgh now stands at $5.15 million + match – means $5.9 million! #pgdog”

followed by

“Together that is nearly $6.5 million! Here is this release: http://t.co/BlAs8JDi #pgdog #wgdog”

I don’t know about any of you, but my jaw hit the floor when I read that. That’s darn near close to double from last year’s Day of Giving. Congratulations Pittsburgh Foundation for hosting another excellent Day of Giving and thanks for giving up hours of sleep to do it.  Congratulations donors for your big heart and deep pockets. Congratulations orgs for your constant hard work and success.

Rock on, Pittsburgh.  Rock on.

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