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Day of Giving 2011 is here. Read now!

It’s here. It’s here!

Pittsburgh Gives Day of Giving officially begins at 12:00 a.m. (10/04/11).


We have 24 hours to show exactly how great a place Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are to live. Pittsburgh Gives Day of Giving highlights one of the reasons Pittsburgh is the one of the best places to live.  It believe it truly is the people that make is so great. My first post as a blogger happened on Day Of Giving 2010 and I am still in awe of how people respond to the call and how utilizing social media tools promotes doing good. Use this 24 hour period to help the non-profits in our region and make this Day of Giving even bigger than the last! Click the yellow button to go there.

Westmoreland County is also participating with it’s non-profits in Westmoreland Gives. You can find both lists of participating non-profits on the PittsburghGives.org website.

If you have a little extra or haven’t chosen an org to donate, please check the sidebar and read through the last several posts for orgs that could really use your help. I donated a post a day to area non-profits who wanted help spreading the word for PGDOG.

For a minimum donation of just $25.00 you can make a difference. Might not sound like a lot, right? But… for every thousand of us that donate at least $25, we contribute at least $25,000- PLUS the matched donations that the Pittsburgh Foundation is funding. The match funds increased to $750,000 today.

So GO!

What are you waiting for?  Donations are taken the Pittsburgh Gives website and this year by using your smartphone as well. The set-up on the website allows you to donate to multiple orgs at once before going to checkout.

What could be easier?  Be part of something huge. Do your part and make a difference . Be part of helping area non-profit organizations provide amazing services.

Why donate?  Because even if you haven’t directly been affected by any of these orgs- trust me that you are being affected in some way. Non-profit organizations provide services that strengthen the individuals that live in our communities. When our neighbors benefit, we benefit with stronger, positive communities.  We can’t afford NOT to donate.

Quit reading and GO DONATE!

If you make a donation to any of the NPO’s  who were posted about in this blog ( or if you’d like to add your favorite), please come back and let me know in the comments!

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