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Things You Didn’t Know about Pressley Ridge

Thank you Jim Schuyler, Marketing Communications Coordinator for Pressley Ridge for providing such great information about this organization. There are some seriously interesting facts and touching, wonderful stories about Pressley Ridge. Having lived in and around the ‘Burgh all my life, I’m surprised by all I didn’t know about them! Read on…

Pressley Ridge, a non-profit organization, is 179 years old and has been providing services since 1832. (Wow! to both those facts-mcb) It provides services to 5,600 children and families with challenges and critical needs annually in six states and Washington D.C, with our largest population being served in Pennsylvania.

The children in our programs have a wide variety of challenges ranging from abuse and neglect to emotional/ behavioral challenges to developmental disabilities like autism.  As you can imagine, with these types of challenges facing families in our communities, there will be an even greater need for the services that Pressley Ridge offers.   

With your support, you can transform one child’s misfortune into a future of hope and opportunity.

Pressley Ridge


( I wish I had space to share them all; for more go here.)

Treatment Foster Care Paves Road to Success

*My name is Bridget. I am 18 years old and have been in county custody in Ohio since I was 13. I have been in psychiatric hospitals many times and ran away frequently.

My 19 year old brother was killed when I was in the ninth grade. Things were getting even worse. That’s when I decided that I was going to turn my life around and change my ways. I called my former Pressley Ridge foster mom who had always been there for me.

After returning to my foster home in January 2009, I have made merit and honor roll. I am more focused than ever, have made solid friendships and developed relationships. I graduated from high school with my class on May 22nd, 2010.

The reason I have shared my story with you is to show you the obstacles I have overcome and the successes I have achieved. Throughout the years I was told that I couldn’t do a lot of things in my life because people thought either I would run away or because I wasn’t stable enough.

 Pressley Ridge changed all of this for me.

My foster mom believes in me, pushes me to work hard, and makes sure I am involved. I feel that with my foster mom’s support, Pressley Ridge’s help, and my hard work I have been able to accomplish many goals including becoming a college student.

**Chris’s mother thought it would take a miracle to keep her family together. She found her miracle in Pressley Ridge’s Community-based Services. Chris’s mother grew more confident as she regained control of her home. She described her family-based team as “miracle workers.” As for Chris, he now has a better relationship with his mother and his siblings. He attends technical school and holds a part-time job.

***Shenan had a long road behind her by the time she came to Pressley Ridge when she was 12 years old. In elementary school she received special education services and occupational therapy for her blindness. By the fourth grade Shenan was experiencing increasing behavioral and emotional difficulties. Shenan still had not found a fit for her needs. Often she would refuse to do her work, lose her temper, and run from the classroom. Her social skills were poor at best. Looking back to the days before Pressley Ridge, failure was a way of life for Shenan, but one can see that success was always a possibility with the right support. Shenan has now received that support, has graduated from Pressley Ridge and lives in a world where she is successful.

Think of stories like these and of all that Pressley Ridge does for our communities.  Families and children benefit positively from services. In turn so do friends, neighbors and communities.

Contributing during Day of Giving increases the dollar amount that each of you provide because The Pittsburgh Foundation matches a percentage of each donation. Your donation to Pressley Ridge on October 4, 2011 at PittsburghGives will go even further toward the services they provide.

Your donation will continue to:

1. Allow Pressley Ridge to serve children with autism and various behavioral /emotional problems. These kids get a chance to learn and excel in a setting designed specifically for them.

2. Aid in services for kids that need attention, love and guidance.

3. Help kids reunite with their biological families or get adopted

4. Provide kids a safe place to work out their issues while getting help  from professional caring staff 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – year round

5. Allow Pressley Ridge staff to continue to work with families in their homes to educate them on ways to become loving, happy and successful families with the hope that they avoid danger and a broken family.

Helping some of Pittsburgh’s most vulnerable kids!

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