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South Hills Interfaith Ministries: Working Together

Pittsburgh Gives Day of Giving (#PGDOG) is almost here. Have you picked a non-profit to support yet?

“Have you heard the one about the priest, the rabbi and the minister?”

They all got together to make a difference.

“It really happened and that is how SHIM was born!” (when religious leaders of different faiths came together to help the community.)-Borrowed from their website


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Please read this great story about South Hills Interfaith Community (SHIM) passed on to me from their Community Relations Manager, Kate Snyder. SHIM is a participating non-profit in the 3rd annual Day of Giving being held on October 4, 2011.

Paying It Forward…Twenty Years Later

When Mary Kay Davis, Principal of Washington Elementary School in Mt. Lebanon, heard about South Hills Interfaith Ministries’ emergency Fall Food Drive, she didn’t hesitate to organize a drive at her school.  “Our families are always eager to engage in community service projects,” she said.

But Mary Kay has a personal history with SHIM, as well – a connection stretching back more than twenty years to a time when her family used SHIM’s Food Pantry.

Mary Kay’s father worked in middle management for Westinghouse Electric.  During the 1980s, the company went through a period of layoffs and his department was cut.  The family turned to SHIM for help making ends meet while he was unemployed.

Mary Kay, an elementary student at the time, remembers coming to the SHIM food pantry and helping her mother pick out food.  “My sister and I were each given our own little bag to pick out things we wanted,” she remembers.  “We always picked the canned goods without labels because we thought it would be fun to have a Mystery Meal!”

In addition to groceries, one year the family received Christmas gifts through SHIM’s Angel Emporium program.  The experience of coming to SHIM made an impression on Mary Kay.  She has continued to support the organization through the years and now encourages her students to do the same.

Will you support the organization too?

SHIM’s goal of providing assistance to those in need by a religious community that is prepared to serve means that because your #PGDOG donations will be matched by a percentage of a match fund, more people will be empowered to pay it forward.

You’ll find this line tagged at the end of my email: “Things work when we work together.”

SHIM’s beginnings are built on all faith communities working together. They offer more than just the food pantry described above. Youth programs, utility cost assistance(Dollar Energy Fund), coats and clothing, school supplies and bookbags for students and more. Find out how your PGDOG donation can make an impact for South Hills Interfaith Ministries!


And here’s the line you thought I forgot to tag at the end. Update: 10/11/11 from the  @SHIMpgh tweet to me

Simply Put- “@mcb1219 — thanks again for helping promote SHIM for #pgdog. Last year: $1,500. This year: $13,000. #omg” And from me to the readers- thank you for listening; thank you for donating!

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