#Yinzombies Tweetup

Okay, because 140 characters is never enough for me.. here’s the deets on the tweetup and what I’m giving away.

  • The pop up event starts May 21st at 1PM in Fineview and is part of the LDI class of Leadership Pittsburgh. They are filming a zombie-themed short using the imagery of zombies as a representation of the social ills that plague society.
  • So, you have to come dressed as a zombie to be in the film, but I guess not necessarily to be at the tweetup. But what fun would that be??
  • We are meeting as a group on the Red Carpet at the Overlook at 1:30.  I’ve managed to get us announced with a #yinzombies walk down the carpet.
  • @PGHTweetup and @popuppittsburgh are good to follow for more info on tweetup and the event, respectively.  Thanks to PghTweetup for taking the info and sharing it on your site.
  • Follow me, @mcb1219 and the hashtag #yinzombies for updates, reminders and more information. @ me or use # and I can put you in the list i made for the tweetup.

Now for the fun part 🙂

I love zombies. I love comics books.  I think Toonseum should create a Pittsburgh based, zombie-themed comic book. But until I convince them of that, how about this:

  • I will give away one free ticket for admission to Toonseum to each of the first two people to find me at the tweetup.
  • As soon as the shuttles begin arriving, I will start tweeting clues to where I can be found. Follow me, @mcb1219 or the hashtag #yinzombies

In order to win you must:

  • Be dressed as a zombie
  • Find me and say the phrase. “Yinzombies rock in Fineview”
  • Really plan on using the ticket to the Toonseum. If you’ve never been there, it’s just ultimately cool. A museum dedicated to comic arts! Please don’t take it if you’re going to leave it sit in a drawer. Or your car. Or wash it in your back pocket. Got it?

More information on the event and parking/shuttle service can be found at these links:

Parking: http://popuppittsburgh.com/?page_id=5

Event: http://popuppittsburgh.com/?page_id=121

Some highlights: Zombie contest from 1:00 to 2:00.  Best 3 zombies win swag bag and will be featured in a scene of Spineview.  Zombie self defense class at 2:00 PM by Zomburgh. Green screen demonstration and more!

Simply Put- Zombies have more brains than anyone. Doesn’t matter that they ripped ’em out of someone else’s skull.


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