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February Update- Hunger Solutions

It’s a re:solutions hunger update.

It’s been a little over a month since we started our ‘new year solutions’. So far, we have purchased $20 in food to donate. Money was a little tight, so I did not get to do a full $10 each week.  As a family, we decided that once a month we will make a drop off even though I am buying weekly. I also decided to try to find meals that are non-perishable but that include a meat.  (i.e. canned beef stew, Banquet’s boxed complete dinners, etc.)

We found it more difficult to stop eating out that we thought it would be; we are still grabbing something out of the home about once a week. But having committed to the idea, I am getting better at planning for our hectic days.  I  used January as a baseline to see how much we actually spend, which should make it easier to see what our donation amount needs to be.

My children are slow to get on board with the decrease in snacks in the house.  Or the suggested alternatives (fruit and veggies, not chips and cookies).  They’ll get over it. What I used to spend on snacks alone in a month could have probably fed a family of 4 for a week.

We still waste more food than I would like.  I hate all the food that get scraped into the garbage after a meal. A chart is now up on our fridge to see what our favorite meals are. If at least 3 of the 5 of us will eat it, it stays. If not, I’m chucking that menu option.  It’s a balance to get children to eat healthy but also to just eat well. I found that when we all like the meal, there is less snacking later.It’s difficult to enforce the “eat at the table always” but that has cut down on snacking too.  (It seems it really isn’t important to have that piece of cake, if they can’t watch tv while they eat it!)

I have not begun the budget friendly cookbook, but am storing ideas in some corner of the brain to be listed for myself soon. *Update 2/3: I saw a great spot about a woman who can show everyone how to cook on a budget. Great tips at groceryshrink.com to feed your family for $50 per person per month.

Last month I spent my two hours of research time on the Kentucky proposal for drug testing welfare recipients.  I read several statistics and some interesting information. But, I’ll leave the numbers for the feisty blog post I have planned for that topic.

The following is a video of  an interview with author Sasha Abramsky on hunger in America, the focus of his latest book. It’s long, but if you can at least view the first two minutes, there are many facts on hunger and poverty that highlight what 60 million Americans are dealing with every day.

So, why am I updating you?  Accountability.  By telling you my progress, I am honoring my commitment and keeping myself humble in my objectives.  Too many times people expect others to fix the problems of the world. By sharing my update, I keep myself on task and make the goals fresh every month. I stay motivated.

I don’t feel overwhelmed and this isn’t taking much extra time.  Anyone could do this for whatever their cause is.  Many people probably already do.

Simply Put- If you’re going to talk the talk, be transparent in your walk.

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