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Re:solution for hunger 2011

I am in phase 2 of my Re:solutions goal. I decided not to make resolutions this year, but to create solutions I can commit to. (If you want to know where this comes from, check out the previous post titled Re:solutions.) After making some notes I have come back to the same issues that ignite me.  Let me share an example of one, to show you my process.

Memo to self

RE:Solutions to fight hunger

I don’t want anyone to go to bed hungry.  It makes me sad and disturbed to think of anyone without food, especially children.  There have been times where there has not been enough food in my home.  More recent than I would like to admit.  It is a terrible feeling to want to eat, but have nothing available.  And to know your children need to eat, but barely be able to scrape enough together.  I can’t imagine what it feels like to live in a constant state of hunger.

Most of us know this is a problem.  We can talk about it. Or we can work on ways to solve it.

In thinking about how I can become a solution, I decided four things.

1. There are programs that assist those in need.  Solution one: every week this year I will spend an extra $10 when I buy my groceries and donate the food to the local food bank.  In addition to this I will find a hot meals program to volunteer for along with my older children at least once per season.

2. Not everyone takes part in these programs for one reason or another.  Solution two:  spend two hours a month researching existing programs, statistics and literature for ways to help fight hunger and help families in need.

3.  Healthy meals don’t need to be expensive. I am a queen at meal planning and using a budget when buying groceries that uses multiple meals out of similar groups of ingredients.  Solution three:  Research and/or create tasty, simple inexpensive meal planning ideas and compile them in a cookbook.  Donate the cookbook to local organizations that service the hungry.

4.  Most of us don’t know what true hunger feels like. We live in a face-paced, eat-on-demand society.  Solution four:  Reduce leftover waste in our home as well as out of home eating.  Analyze savings from eating at home instead of eating out and donate the monetary difference once a year to an organization that fights hunger, possibly on a promoted Day of Giving like PGDOG that matches donations.

The by-product of my solutions plan is that as a family we will eat healthier( and what would have been my “lose weight” resolution might have potential to succeed) and become aware of others in need (i.e. my old “volunteer more” resolution seems more important now). None of these ideas seems overwhelming to me or impossible to maintain. This memo is going straight to the refrigerator.

Is anyone else up for the idea of being the solution?  What’s your goal? What issues speak to you? Please feel free to share your plan in the comments.

Simply Put- Planning a solution on a heartfelt issue feels better than making a resolution.

  1. December 30, 2010 at 8:36 PM

    The following is an email response to the post. The sender followed up later with another detailing something she and her husband were going to start doing because she shared my post with him. In her words from that email: How the simple sharing of ideas can change the world one person at a time… Here is her copy and pasted response to my hunger solutions:
    Sounds great. Some added suggestions. When I ran student council we made every March around hunger. (March – Lent) Jumping off the rice bowl idea, we asked older students to forgo their usual lunch for one day and have just one bowl of plain white rice and 1 bottle of water (provided by student council) so they could “understand” hunger. It was always amazing how many kids would come back and ask for more – forgetting the original concept and then coming to an epiphany before your eyes when you remind them why not. We charged $1 for the rice and water. I’d usually watch sales in Jan & Feb to buy the water on sale and rice is super cheap. We’d then write off those costs and donate all the money to our nearest Sisters of Charity mission.
    We’d also send home information about freerice.com. They donate money to the UN hunger program when you get vocabulary and other quiz questions right.

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