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Making the Case for the iPad

It’s human nature to resist change and we typically doubt new products as they come out.  Let me tell you why I think digital readers like the iPad are a good thing and here to stay. Just take a look at the sales record of the Ipad alone.  Count in the Nook and Kindle and Sony’s Digital Reader sales and these e-readers will reach a combined 6.6 million sold-with projected sales of 30 million units  in the year 2013 according to eweek.com.

But you’re still not sure?

We evolved our music listening capabilities from the phonograph to the mp3.  Maybe it was hard to give up those 8 tracks, then cassettes, then Cd’s.  Digital music now accounts for half of sales in the US, equal to physical formats. (Source- arstechnica.com )

We have traveled from the days of the Pony Express and I can now email, message or chat with anyone, anywhere instantly.

We grew from radio to 3 local stations with bunny ears to digital satellite and on-demand TV.  VHS made way for DVD which now shares a spot with Blu-Ray. You can Netflix from your Wii.

Once upon a time I thought I would miss touching and holding the pictures of my children and pulling out those photo albums to embarrass them.  Now I can view their beautiful faces everyday on my laptop or digital picture frame.  Photo shop their naked butt into the graduation party invitation someday.  The space I save by storing pictures and videos that I have taken with one device into folders on my hard drive as opposed to shelves on the wall or storage containers is worth the leap to digital memories.

I don’t have to sit by my kitchen table with a windy, springy cord attaching me to the wall to talk with you.  Cell phones in our pockets, web cams, video conferencing.  We have immediate and constant access to one another.  (I know, there’s no excuse for not calling your mother now, is there?)

Our ability to pass on information has journeyed from telling stories around the campfire to the written word.  Handwritten to type set, individually bound to mass-produced and by print on demand. A time line of hardbound, paperback, magazines, newspapers, e-magazines, online newspapers, audio books, books by podcast.  The progression has led us to this point.  It is time.  In five years, e-reading will be the norm and not a debate.

I hope it is.  Our youth are born into an era of screens and gadgets, apps and downloads.  Think of the possibilities for our students and libraries. If we are to encourage a love of reading, we have to meet them at their level. If Madonna wrote the song today, the lyrics would be “We are living in a digital world and I am a digital girl.”  Although I might be a bit older(don’t ask),  I adapt quickly to change and I love the instant gratification of all things digital. The reader in me is so excited to have the world’s books at my fingertips and a portable library in my purse. Oh, and did I mention the iPad’s not just for reading?

I could go on and on but I found this guy, davidleeking.com via google search and he’s just way more informative than I could ever be.  And since he’s already done all the work, I’ll let him show you how the iPad works, how libraries are using them and the impact for the future.

I may still want to buy a book while browsing in the store.  There’s no reason we can’t read in multiple formats.  Since children who see their parents read are more likely to become  readers,  I view this as one more way to make reading look as fun as it is.

Simply Put- Evolve. Add an iPad to your bookshelf.

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