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What’s the Story?

There are so many things going on in our lives each day.  And yet we still find time to be nice, kind and giving.  Searching to find why we connect with others, I complete my 3 question mission with this post.

If you haven’t read my other posts, I had some thoughts that prompted three questions that I wanted to answer. The first, but final question from that list is:

1.  What is it about organized charitable events, activities and the organizations themselves that draws us in and makes us want to give of ourselves?

The answer comes down to a simple idea.  It is the story behind the organization and its mission that draws us in and motivates us to be helpful, kind or giving.

Sharing stories has long been part of our human legacy. Storytelling allows us to inform, educate, connect with and draw in our listeners.  Once we feel a connection, we become engaged.  That engagement is what motivates us into action for the events, activities and needs of the organizations.

This video created for Pangea Day- May 2010 sums up the power of storytelling in one minute:

We, as humans, connect to each other by way of sharing and experiencing our stories.  When an organization lets us in on the essence of their existence, ‘the why of their being’, they establish an emotional connection with us.  It happens in reverse, as well.  In our own lives, things happen to our friends and family for which we  have an emotional tie.  When that happens,  we may actively seek the organizations that helped or can help our loved ones.  We become part of their story.

For more information on storytelling, it’s impact, storytelling grants, and other cool things go to the National Storytelling Network.

If you or your organization have a story to tell, here is a wonderful informational video session of a presentation at this year’s PodcampPittsburgh5.  The session details how to tell a better story, either business or personal through the use of digital tools:   Once Upon A  Time: Telling Your Story Digitally- Christopher Whitlatch

Simply Put- The better the connection to the story or the people behind the stories is, the more willing we are to become part of the charitable events,  the activities planned for a cause and to meet the needs of the organization.

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